Press And Testimonials

Press & Testimonials

Press And Testimonials

After seeing a slideshow focused on coal trains in Seattle: My son (4th grader) mentioned at dinner tonight some of what he learned about the coal trains. I was very excited to hear about what he’d learned and his interest, because I’d love to attend a rally or something with them — especially if they themselves have an interest. We live in North Beach and often cross the tracks to the beach, so Kevin and his brother (2nd grade) can well imagine the trains. And, of course, they have a little idea about global warming and we were able to discuss a little more about it….with Kevin helping to fill his brother in, rather than me being the main source of information. My younger one, Ben, said he wants to write a letter to someone. I wanted you to know your talk made an impact even on a quiet kid like Kevin (and now his brother), and that it makes it easier for us to have discussions on environmental issues and could make it easier to take actions together as a family.

3/14 – “The GREEN Congress is an amazing experience for our young people. It is well organized, appropriate for the various age groups, and empowers students to do something at home, school, and community to protect and restore the environment. My students loved Michael Foster’s power point on Climate Change. They are already planning on some tree planting and many went home and told their parents about it. I have heard from some of the parents that they have already instituted some changes in their homes and transportation decisions. That is the power of the GREEN Congress. It inspires change by letting the students know they aren’t alone and they have power.” — Teacher feedback, GREEN Congress in Thurston County

7/7/13 – City Stream: Plant For The Planet Academy . 5-minute video report on the first Academy in Seattle. Broadcast on the Seattle Channel and reported by Feliks Banel.

My 13 year old daughter came home from school and mentioned Michael came to her science class. She said she really liked him. I was impressed because this particular daughter is a pretty tough customer when it comes to any adult trying to impart information to her. So I had to ask why she liked Michael so much. She said, “His talk was on Climate Change. It was sad, but not totally sad. He shared (with their class) what we could do to help the environment. I feel like I can do something now.” So thank you Michael for giving Kaley & her class that feeling of being inspired and empowered after your talk. She then happily agreed to sign up for his all-day event, Plant for the Planet Academy. So now we are all going to help you : ) –Linda, mom & volunteer

“I think this was very inspiring because it wants you to help the world, and keep this world a safe place to live. It makes you want to make a change in the world and be your own hero in a small place in the world.” – Chico, Age 11

2/17/13 – Cool Dad Offers Talk About Warm Climate.  Interview in neighborhood blog

1/28/13 – Reinventing the Energy Lobby. A Crosscut/Green Acre Radio article about a coalition of Washington state environmental groups that have teamed up to keep the state Legislature pointed in the right direction on eco-issues.