Great Kid Thoughts

As the ones who will be cleaning up the mess their parents leave behind, our kids need to sharpen our fuzzy awareness of climate impacts. The actions we take NOW today in this decade will quite literally shape the world they inherit. Our kids can help us  stop or reverse bad decisions. We grownups need to use care to rebuild our lives, our food, our work, and our energy in ways that leave the world safe for our kids. In that way, kids can help direct and guide us, the grownups to think about tomorrow.

Here are some musings I’ve captured from the truly great minds of our time …

On fighting climate change right now:

“I think [the video] shows grownups that they shouldn’t let their kids do it alone. And if their kids are going to go out and do it anyways, why can’t they go, too? We’ll all be better off if we do it together.”   — Stella, Age 9  (After watching the video “Moms Against Climate Change – Demonstration“)

“Demonstration” Watch the video and share your great thoughts.


On the Climate Change for Families slideshow:

“I think this was very inspiring because it wants you to help the world, and keep this world a safe place to live. It makes you want to make a change in the world and be your own hero in a small place in the world.”  — Chico, Age 11

“I want to do Plant for the Planet because when I went to South Sound Green we saw a video about this. It really inspired me that a 4the grader would do such a big thing for our world. I care about the world and I want to maintain it and not have it die. I want to plant more trees in my community also.” –Hannah, Age 10

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