Summer Leadership Challenge

Each week this summer you can do something BIG to change the world. Be an Ambassador for Climate Justice at your house. Get some friends to help you make a real difference. Create new ways to solve the BIGGEST problem kids face, Global Warming.
Possibilities are endless!
  • Raise money to plant trees in the tropics
  • Attend a climate event
  • Speak at a rally
  • Host a lemonade stand to plant trees
  • Read a book or watch a movie about climate to learn more
  • Volunteer for a park or beach cleanup
  • Contact the local paper
  • Join a Leadership Corps activity
  • Tell neighbors about Plant-For-The-Planet
  • Meet your congressperson
  • Ride your bike everywhere
  • Help grow a garden
  • Measure your family carbon footprint online
  • Conserve electricity at home
  • Plan a low-carbon Stay-cation weekend
  • Come up with your own campaign for what you care about
  • Write to us about your actions to inspire other students on
Write to report your action each week. We’ll track your progress all summer long. At the end of Summer we’ll award the Climate Leaders! But the best prize will be seeing the difference you can make while on vacation. Once you get started, you’ll surprise yourself with how much difference one family can make!
Going someplace cool? That’s great! You can help stop global warming on vacation too. Remember to “offset” the carbon from your travels by making a healthy donation to plant trees here,
Use a calculator for carbon offsets online,

Total Carbon Offset to Date: 

Submit your activities here and your impact will be added to the total carbon offset shown above.

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