KIDS Vs. SHELL OIL Press Conference

Wednesday June 10th, Seattle Center, 4:30pm

With SHELL OIL moving north any day now to extract oil from the Chukchi Sea, child Ambassadors for Climate Justice plan to host an informal press conference on Wednesday near the Pacific Science Center and Space Needle to ask grownups, the SHELL CEO, and world leaders to protect the Arctic immediately.

They will read a letter to the SHELL CEO composed by youth on three continents and co-signed by students from 23 countries. Then each child attending will be invited to make a statement of concerns and solutions for the Arctic drilling plan. 

Some solutions these children initiate:

  • international protection for the Arctic so no oil company can drill
  • “climate warming labels” on gas pump nozzles to inspire consumers to drive less
  • Washington’s Billion Tree Challenge to begin to absorb excess CO2 from the sky (our fair share of 1,000 billion trees needed worldwide)
  • legal action to direct WA Dept of Ecology to update emissions targets that protect children and to enforce them

Sierra & her Sign“We need world leaders to lead but locally we make a big difference too. If enough of us show up to say ‘SHELLNO’ and get really creative, only then can leaders do anything. The Arctic belongs to all of us. We can still protect it if we care enough. We’ve got some really good ideas,” said Wren Wagenbach, 14, leader of the local chapter. Wren took part in the kayak Mosquito Fleet protest in May with her father who helped her paddle over from Ballard. 

Students planted trees with Port of Seattle Commissioner Gregoire in March near port terminal 5. “Those trees will be swallowed by the Sound if this drilling plan goes ahead. Everybody admits there’s a 75% chance of an oil spill nobody can clean up. As a parent, I can’t stand by and watch my daughter’s world be ruined just so we can burn more and more oil,” said Michael Foster, organizer/volunteer with Plant-for-the-Planet.

Plant-for-the-Planet in Puget Sound has helped over 300 youth join a global network of children working for Climate Justice. Plant-for-the-Planet International runs the United Nations’ Tree Counter, now showing 14 Billion Trees planted, with a goal of 1,000 Billion as part of a 3-Point Plan to restore climate balance and end poverty.

In February Readers’ Digest magazine honored Plant-for-the-Planet founder Felix Finkbeiner as “European of the Year”. Two Seattle students journeyed to a Youth Summit in May to work with Felix on a Youth Manifesto to protect the world’s children from climate chaos. On Tuesday June 9th, HBO debuts a new episode of “Saving My Tomorrow” which features some of the students from Seattle Plant-for-the-Planet in a documentary about children doing heroic things to heal the planet.


Pictures & videos of some of the speeches:

Press Conference Group

One thought on “KIDS Vs. SHELL OIL Press Conference

  1. Thanks to the following Climate Justice Ambassadors that spoke from the heart on 6-10-15 about keeping Shell out of the Arctic, by coming out to our First Ever P4tP Press Conference (from left to right, on top picture): Aji, Sarah, Lara, Tim, Wren, Bodhi, Sierra, and Athena!

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