Plant-for-the-Planet Academy, a First-Person report by Miko


Plant for the Planet is an organization that teaches children to become Ambassadors, advocates for the earth. It is important that we, as children, speak out about the issue of Climate Change because we are the voice of the future. Since this is our future, it is our responsibility to take care of the earth. Plant for the Planet does this in part through intensive day camps called Academies where students learn more about Climate Change, how to teach others about it. and how to take action to stop it. On March 1st, 2014, I had a chance to participate at the day camp and had an awesome experience.

The whole time I was there, the focus was on us, the kids. “What do you think?” , “How do you think we can solve this problem?” , and, “What are some ideas you have?” were the questions that were asked. We got to be in groups and talk about the problems of society, the government, and climate change. The best part was that not only did we get to ask questions, we got to answer them, too. I liked this process because we got to see things from others’ perspectives, and other people got to hear our opinions. It was all about us solving the problems so we could have a brighter future.

Later that day, we got to learn how to give presentations. Giving presentations taught us how to deliver speeches and to get over possible fears of public speaking. I learned that we had to look them in the eye, make sure that everyone was listening to you, and start delivering. We got to share the presentation to our parents and other grownups, including some local elected officials. My brother was chosen to share one of the slides. I didn’t do it because I had a little fear of public speaking. But even if I was a little shy, I still wish that I had shared a few slides because it looked to be a lot of fun. At the end of the day, they passed out our official child Ambassador badges and bamboo white boards. My brother and I had so much fun that we wanted to go again. The whole time we were driving home, we told our parents all the fun things that we did that day.

I highly recommend that children go check out this organization, which is known in many parts of the world. You can get your children to do this for community service hours, to learn for climate change, or just to get them to explore pressing topics around the world. I want kids to have the same experience as I had. To be a child Ambassador, kids need to learn speak out. That is why Plant for the Planet is a great organization.

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