Happy Tofurky Day!

Want a Thanksgiving grin?

Mayor Pardons Tofurkey & Challenges Council to Food Drive


Seattle Mayor Ed Murray Pardons Tofurky

Today Mayor Murray pardoned Braeburn the Tofurky and challenged the Seattle City Council to a food drive.

“I, Mayor Murray, pardon Braeburn the Tofurky,” the mayor proclaimed in the atrium of Seattle City Hall.

Braeburn the Tofurky will live out its natural life at the Rainier Valley Food Bank, the beneficiary of the food drive between Seattle City Council and the Mayor’s Office. Braeburn will be joined by his understudy, Honeycrisp.

The Mayor’s and City Council’s offices have until December 12, 2014 to collect non-perishable donations.  The team that collects the most food shall have doughnuts delivered by the losing team by either Mayor Murray or Council President Tim Burgess.

Braeburn and Honeycrisp were named after popular Washington State apples.


Q: Why did the Tofurky cross the road?

A: To prove he wasn’t a chicken!

I’m gobbling up Tofurky this year, and lovin’ it! Eating lower on the food chain helps you, animals, and the planet, and means more people get fed with the crops we grow. Plus you’ll never worry how long you need to cook your Tofurky. As you pile on more potatoes and pie, give a special Thank you for “Braeburn” the Tofurkey!


Reminder for Wednesday night’s Premiere 

SIFF CINEMA: HBO’s “Saving My Tomorrow”

December 3rd, 6:30 kids’ red carpet, 7pm show Reserve Seats

Great music and celebrities light up the screen along with some of our Seattle Plant-for-the-Planet Ambassadors in the first 2 episodes of a new HBO children’s documentary on climate change.

This premiere event is over-booked now and still growing, so please Arrive close to 6:30 to get good seats!



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