The Words of an Activist by Abby

short video of Abby protesting dangerous oil train expansion, July 2014

Ever since I was little I have always loved the environment.  My mom even tells me stories about when I would get all excited even when we were just going for a walk around the neighborhood.  I loved admiring the trees, smelling the flowers, and watching the animals.  Right after my 5th birthday a destructive catastrophe occurred near my home that greatly impacted my life.  We lived less than a mile from the Gulf Shores of Florida.  On April 20, 2010 there was a gigantic oil spill.  I remember seeing the devastating effects of the oil on the animals, the beach, the people, and everything in my community.  I cried and felt helpless.  I thought what can I do?  From that moment I knew that I wanted to make a difference.   So when my mom received an email from Thurgood Marshall Elementary School announcing an upcoming Plant for the Planet Academy in Seattle she told me about it knowing that I love the environment and I am continuingly trying to figure out ways to be a good steward and teach others to take care of their surroundings.  I was thrilled beyond words!  So one Saturday in the spring of 2013 I attended my first tree ambassador program.  I was excited to meet kids who had the same passion as me and thought together we are stronger and together we can and will make an impact in our community and the world.

Since I am only 9 many may assume that I enjoy just sitting at home playing video games but that is not entirely true.  Although, I do enjoy Dance Xbox I am passionate about the Environment and sitting at home is not going to make a change.  A change is what needs to occur for my future generations to enjoy and sustain life.  I am therefore what some may call an Activist.  I get out there to make my voice heard.  After all, people can’t change unless they are informed and I want to inform all who have an ear to hear or eyes to read. I speak at rallies against oil trains.   I started a lemonade stand in my neighborhood and at local parks.  While passers-by were able to refresh with a cool glass of lemonade I was given the perfect time to tell them about global warming, what it is doing, and how they can help fight and make a difference in our world.  I gave them the opportunity to contribute to a meaning cause.  They could donate a dollar and tree would planted somewhere in the world.  This not only gives our planet more oxygen, fighting global warming but it also supports the poor giving them jobs.  What more could you ask for?    .  Imagine if all Seatlelites donated just one dollar we could plant about 608,500 trees and imagine even at a grander scale.  The world population is roughly 7.2 billion people some could give more and make up for those who can’t give at all.

Although I am young and just one person I can make a difference and I believe that I will.  I hope to fight global warming, inform the public on how to be a good steward of the environment, and start to reverse the damage that we as a human race have created so our future generations can enjoy what God gave us!

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