Free Lemonade for Trees!

by Stella Foster, Plant-For-The-Planet Ambassador

Me and my friend Elinor did a lemonade stand outside the farmer’s market last wednesday at meridian park.
It was really fun, because we got to just hang out together and sell free lemonade. Yeah, I wrote that right, we Sold Free lemonade.
On our poster we said that the lemonade was free, but you could donate money to plant trees for 1$ per tree! (My Dad gave lemonade mix.)


In the end we raised 25$ and 54 cents. From a free lemonade stand that was only open for about an hour, that’s really good!

A couple people wanted to know where their trees would be planted, we told them that they would be planted in needy villages in Kenya.
A face painter said that since we were doing such good work, me and Elinor each got a free face painting.
I got some lemons on my cheek, and Elinor got a glass of lemonade.
All in all, our lemonade stand was super fun, we planted 25 trees, and me and Elinor kept the 54 cents!

Heres how you can do one too.
1.) Make a sign.
2.) Make some lemonade
3.) Have a table, tape, a money box, the sign, and the lemonade.
4.) smile and wave at people as they pass by.

Put lemonade donations online at Plant-For-The-Planet, Earth Day Network, or your favorite tree site! Kenya is planting 1 billion trees for Wangari Maathai and Plant-For-The-Planet.


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