Team Earth

This is Climate Justice Ambassador Zoë Foster, Michael’s daughter.

Watch an awesome (see what I did there?) video from Greenpeace, made of Legos, that wants to show you how everything is NOT awesome “when we’re living on a dream”. It has some fairly harrowing ideas and symbolism, but a really great message, especially for kids, so parents should watch it with their children and be ready to explain some of the concepts.

The Lego Corporation is in the pocket of Shell Oil. They are advertising Shell to little kids, as Shell tries to trick the next generation into thinking that Big Oil is the good guy. Meanwhile, they’re drilling in the Arctic Ocean. So, as the Arctic melts due to Shell and other corporations like it, Shell exploits the land that is slowly uncovered by the melting ice, as well as the seabed of the Arctic ocean, one of the worst places possible for an oil spill in the making. For example, as their ice melts, polar bears have to swim long distances to find land. Imagine all those miles of water turned black by oil, an oil-covered polar bear trying to pull itself out of the water. Imagine seals, belugas, and narwhals being unable to come up for air due to a thick coating of toxic black sludge on the surface of the ocean, as the same oil plugs their breathing holes. This video is protesting that.

One of my favorite ideas in the video (which is embellished by a slightly modified and drastically differently performed version of the theme song of The Lego Movie, a.k.a. “Everything is Awesome”) is the repeating lyrics: “Everything is cool when we’re part of a team”. It’s the same as it is in the movie, but the style of the song in the video made me think. It’s true, in some respects. Everything is better as a team. We need to work as a team. Just, not team Shell.

Being a twelve-year-old girl, I have witnessed far more than my fair share of “Team Edward!!!” “No, Team Jacob!” “Eew! That’s weird!” or “Team Peeta all the way!” “Team Gale 5ever!!1!”. It’s frankly disturbing. So, I’m introducing a new (and much less shallow) one: Team Earth.

You’re all part of it already. Everyone is, even if they don’t know it. We all live on Earth. I think. Any Time Lords out there? No?

Anyways, congratulations! As a citizen of the Earth, you get a free membership. Welcome to Team Earth.

And let’s be honest: Team Earth is way better than Team Shell.

Also, in May, Plant-for-the-Planet sponsored Expedition Hope, to draw attention to the melting ice in the Arctic, and Felix Finkbeiner travelled to the North Pole to ask the nations of the world to put the Arctic under UN protection.


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