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rulemaking petition was filed June 17th on behalf of several amazing youth climate activists asking the WA Department of Ecology to recommend and establish greenhouse gas emissions limits based upon ‘best available science’.

The youth who filed this petition are a remarkable group of kids who want their government to take immediate action to address climate change. Please take a look at the rulemaking petition to read their stories.  They would love any support you can offer in terms of asking Ecology to do the right thing and go forward with the proposed rule making, so please let me know below if you are interested in supporting this effort.

When the future of life hangs in the balance, why use anything less than the best available science?

Our proposed rule is based upon the climate research led by Dr. James Hansen and his team, who did some complex math to work out a straightforward formula to end the crisis and stabilize climate “to protect young people, future generations, and nature.”  It’s stunning to think that with all the politicians and experts working on this problem, very few people realize what is actually possible and necessary now to restore our climate. Did you know that 2C is NOT the goal or safe for global warming this century? Most people are surprised to learn that if we act today, with 6% emissions reductions each year and 1 trillion trees this decade, we can limit global warming to about 1.2C and restore a climate like the 1980’s by about 2070. How cool is that?

These young people are ready to get started. They speak for their generation when they ask Ecology to deliver a clear recommendation to the legislature based on science that is the definition of “conservative”. Why not leave a planet like the one we grew up on for our kids to enjoy?

We might be able to achieve simple goals or compromise to reach some halfway target without any political pain or economic disruption, but how will that help if we hit the political bullseye but miss the physical thresholds required of us to preserve what we must for all those who come after us?

Please take a minute now to send your own message to decision-makers. Thank you Our Children’s Trust for your incredible work giving future generations a voice while we still have time to make a world of difference!

Let’s get started.

On the last day of the school year, Nathan Hale High School students in Seattle have 1 simple request for Washington’s Dept of Ecology.

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