Moviemakers! Youth Video Contest + Kickstart “Worse Than Poop”

Restore My Climate

Ready to tell the world how we solve the climate crisis? Got some creative green energy to burn? Now’s your chance! hosts a video contest for students age 10 – 17. ENTER by May 30th and submit your video by June 7th.  Grab some friends or make an independent film and get your creative juices flowing! 1 minute – 4 minutes long videos illustrate these ideas:

hope Untitled-3_05

The world’s top climate scientists confirm that we can restore the climate of the 1980s by 2070. It won’t require a miracle or big sacrifices, just the will and policies to do it. Hope videos should tell us why YOU believe that we CAN solve the climate change issue.

action Untitled-3_08

America’s history shows we are capable of coming together and achieving remarkable things when faced with great threats and challenges. Action videos should educate your peers, family and community about what America can do to restore the climate of the 1980s by 2070.


Prizes can be awarded to individuals, groups, classrooms or schools. You want to know what the prizes are? Visit the website for details rules prizes.

Use Lights, Camera, …and “Action”! to put your ideas and vision to work for a better world.


Do cameras make you shy? You can be a movie producer! Kickstart “Worse Than Poop” a fine artistic film about poopy cars. This film looks fun, and you can help get it made. View the Kickstarter Campaign before time runs out!

Worse Than Poop — Kickstarter

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