Green Seattle Day Photos

photo 5

“Stop Talking Start Planting!” so we did…

photo 4

photo 3

photo 2

photo 1

Mayor McGinn

“Hey Mayor McGinn! Thanks for taking a picture with us!”

Mayor McGinn Stop Talking Start Planting

“Stop Talking Start Planting!”

Torin planting

Torrin and friends planted 25 trees the week after Green Seattle Day!

20131102 Ginger IMG_20131102_120544_709 IMG_20131102_120547_355

family planting

A proud moment!


A silly moment.

IMG_20131102_122451_873 Tree-planting yoga

Time to split!

green seattle day sign up

Green Seattle Day was a hit in spite of the windstorm. Now for the next month or two, you can easily find more fun planting parties near you. Just click on the Green Seattle Partnership calendar-map

And don’t forget to count and register your trees! See you in the woods!

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