What’s so Funny about World Water Day?

How could I forget World Water Day? Don’t make me laugh.

It was March 22nd??

Oh. But clean drinking Water, seriously the most important wonderful stuff on the planet! (Unless you’re a rock in a hard place, or completely full of hot air.)

I used to think there was nothing funny about World Water Day. So I owe many thanks to Peter Drury, Development Director at Splash.org! He reminded me  in an unforgettable way exactly what can go into drinking water these days with this oddly funny video. I won’t forget to celebrate after seeing “What is Eric Drinking?”  

Splash has a simple vision: “a world with clean water for all children—and a museum telling of when it was not so.” Help them make that vision a reality.

As the globe warms, the land masses dry out more quickly, droughts become more frequent and intense, so clean drinking water becomes a more precious commodity. In the first half of 2012, one in ten people on earth experienced “exceptional” drought and that means people will get thirstier.

Matt Damon gets to the bottom of the water problem in a shocking press conference about World Toilet Day for Water.org. WARNING: Matt has a potty mouth. Some language may not be suitable for younger listeners. But it sure made my 9 year old squeal.

With our help,  stars like Peter Drury Eric Stowe and Matt light the way giving people all over the world access to this clean, wet, life-giving stuff. Amazing people changing lives and changing the world, making it so funny and so easy for you and me to help meet a daily need today.

What’s not to love about clean water? I’ll drink to that!

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