L.A. Coal-Free by 2025! Wow!

This is giant, super-BIG good news! The Mayor of Los Angeles just announced one of the largest cities in the world, that gets electricity from out of state coal plants, goes Coal-Free by 2025.

Yes! Way to go Los Angeles! Watch today’s announcement with the Mayor, or the “Thank You Mayor” video on the Sierra Club site.

How big of a deal is this? Los Angeles pumps more greenhouse gases into the air from it’s dirty electric energy than from all the cars on L.A. highways. Going Coal-Free is like eliminating all of L.A. traffic from our carbon footprint.


Seattle has a ‘carbon-neutral’ electric grid, thanks to our hydroelectric dams, along with investments in wind and solar, and Washington State committed to phase out our last coal plant between 2020 and 2025 too. Just like L.A. You know, this feels like a trend, like a movement!

And it is a movement. Organized by ordinary people like you and me working with groups like Sierra Club Beyond Coal. We are the change we have been waiting for. Go people power!

Black Thunder MinePowder River Basin
Black Thunder Mine
Powder River Basin
Powder River Basin wildlife on grasslands
Powder River Basin wildlife on grasslands

With a giant like Los Angeles leading the way, and other cities putting plans together, we are witnessing a green energy boom spread across the country like grass spreading across grasslands.

“Celebrate Good times! C’mon!”

(I’m doing my funky dance here!)

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