Climate Change for Families – Now Online!

The Seattle dad who does “the Al Gore slideshow”, Michael Foster here, with good news: 

I’m getting organized as an organizer. What’s my new secret? My incredible wife! She organized this new blog for me because I’m so hopelessly disorganized. Of course she was right. Again.

I’ve been working on my carbon footprint since 1990, trying to live quietly green, leading by example, and I’m doing pretty well lately. But individual CO2 reductions like mine have not slowed down the overall pace of greenhouse pollution.

In the 8 months since the Al Gore training, I have met the most amazing wonderful people (you might be one of them) and gotten more connected and active than ever. A whole world of inspiring people has opened up to me since I stepped out of the woodwork and stopped being quiet, basically by speaking up for what I have privately committed all these years, and by saying yes to opportunities to get involved, and mostly by letting my kids guide me to what is right and true and necessary. Again.

If we are to become the generation that stopped and reversed global warming right before our time runs out, like some old Star Trek episode where the clock is ticking down to SELF-DESTRUCT, we’ve got to stop waiting for Scotty or someone from Geo-Engineering to come along and fix this. The Captain is not going to tell us how to save or abandon the ship. In the end, it comes down to you and me living the change individually and collectively. That’s how the world changes. Again.

As for the countdown, we will only know when we have passed the point of no return on climate after the fact, when we are finally sure it is too late for our kids to reverse the feedbacks. We know we maybe have 7 to 10 years to make a difference, but that’s a big maybe that gets “iffier” every year that we increase emissions.

Boots on the ground. Hands in the dirt. Now.

Or as Plant For The Planet says, “Stop Talking. Start Planting.”

So Climate Change for Families is open for volunteers! We can help each other, help our kids, save this planet, from us. Now.

Get involved today. Please take a moment to check out the blog, see what’s going on with different volunteer projects in motion right now, and let me know what you think. I need your help. If you like what you see, do the social media thing and pass it along. If you don’t like what you see, I welcome your feedback. My kids need everybody to help out. Now.


  • Earth Day weekend: iMatteryouth March and rally through downtown, spread the word to all schools, all students, toddlers, colleges, and help out if you can build art or be there on April 20th. Designing a website, contacting schools, press releases,
  • Bring “Plant for the Planet” to Seattle, looking for a corporate sponsor to  a training academy for kids.
  • Tar Sands Blockade week of action now, show up or support online.

And of course, Climate Change for Families slideshows at local libraries ongoing. Please invite me to come to your site and present for your church, school, library, home, workplace, always for free.

Thank you so much!

Michael Foster

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